czwartek, 23 czerwca 2016


Who said, it will be easy? Nobody said it will be hard. So hard. Hard work every mother has to do. There are easy days and very difficult. There are tears, yelling and regret. Somethimes you have enough...  But there is also a smile...
I feel resignet.

 I am waiting for the smile.

And the reason is she...

wtorek, 21 czerwca 2016

Strawberrie`s cake

Fresh, just picked up from my garden, strawberries..First time I made this cake; it was easy and delicios. And kids had a lot of fun helping me.

czwartek, 2 czerwca 2016

the heart of garden

"Her heart
 was a secret garden
and the walls
 were very high..."

On the porch...

I was waiting over three years to buy this furniture... I was going to put it on the grass, but finaly I decided to leave it on the porch.... I think it was good decision!!